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What is the Academy at Tashua Knolls?

The Academy at Tashua Knolls is the brainchild of Director of Instruction, Dave Bove, and featured a soft launch in 2015. Now, in 2016, the Academy is in full swing – no pun intended. The Academy offers a variety of diverse instructional services: private and semi-private coaching, golf schools, clinics, programs, etc. to both Members and Non-Members alike.

Golfers can attain Membership with The Academy at Tashua Knolls, on a yearly basis, for a nominal fee. Membership comes along with numerous benefits and perks that far outweigh the cost of becoming a member. If you are committed to improving your golf game this season, then becoming a member of The Academy at Tashua Knolls is next step for you.


Coaching Programs vs. Traditional Golf Lessons

At The Academy at Tashua Knolls, we believe in coaching, in every sense of the world. “Coaching” is a process, it happens over time, it is a commitment to long-term success between the student and instructor. Most¬†golfers, who seek instruction, will often take one or two lessons throughout the year, and get frustrated when they fail to improve or reach their goals.¬†We believe in getting golfers enrolled in coaching programs that span multiple months, or even the entire season!

The problem with taking one or two lessons a season is that:
1.) Too much pressure to improve is put on a single session, often leading to frustration soon after
2.) Student and Instructor may try and address too much in a single session
2.) Students underestimate the time and effort that some changes take
3.) The focus is on short-term gratification, instead of long-term success
4.) There is no “improvement plan” in place for the future
5.) There is no way for student and instructor to measure progress over time

All of these things are the reasons why golfers feel as though they don’t improve at the rate that they feel that they should, oftentimes leading to frustration that wreaks havoc on the golf game.

At The Academy at Tashua Knolls we believe in long-term development through coaching programs like “10 Weeks to Better Golf” and the “Season Long Commitment”.

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10 Weeks to Better Golf
Season-Long Commitment